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Doyle Chaney


I started work at age 15 as day-labor doing farm work and nights/weekends in a grocery store while attending High School. I saved enough money to buy my first car before I was 16 and it never occurred to me to stop working. When asked when I am going to retire - I say never. I really like people, so working in Real Estate allows me to do what I enjoy.

I have learned something from each of my many jobs. My experience includes a variety of sales positions; from dairy products, insurance to automotive parts and equipment and now to Real Estate. Being an award-winning salesman and Multi-million dollar Producer requires hard work, integrity, problem solving, negotiating, and great communication skills.


I have owned and managed several businesses: a Construction Company, Radiator Repair Service, Big A Auto Parts Store, Self-Storage business, and Home Inspection Service. Each business has offered unique problems and opportunities for me to expand my knowledge and business experience, as well as my network connections and relationships with people from all walks of life. I have learned to identify and overcome obstacles, obtain financing, make a profit, and to get the job done, while providing exemplary customer service.

I have lived and worked in the  Pine/Strawberry/Payson area for more than 20 years and the Pine U.S. Post Office (1984) was the first of seven Post Offices my company constructed. My knowledge and experience with the housing market, construction, financing, and inspection regulations, as well as my ability to listen and understand what clients really want, helps me as a negotiator to ensure peaceful relations between Buyers and Sellers. I want everyone to feel comfortable and have a positive and profitable business experience.

I take pride in working and living in the Pine/Strawberry community and am committed to helping all the Rim Country prosper. When you hire a Real Estate Agent, the Agent should be a good match for your style, area and, if selling, the buying population you are targeting. I would like to become - or stay, your Real Estate Source, and I am asking you to consider using me when you buy or sell property.

Stop in to see me at the Triple Creek Realty office, or say "Hello", when you see me at breakfast. I work with an energetic team of experienced Agents, including our Broker and Attorney. We can help you with financing, list or buy land, a home or business, or just give advice as to where to find breakfast or lunch (I might even buy)!

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