My professional career in real estate

began in 1984 as the Acquisition and

Disposition President for the family

corporation. In 1990, I helped facilitate a 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange for a 2000 acre ranch in Montana for a shopping center in Mesa, AZ.
I then helped facilitate a Memorandum of Lease, performing an equitable exchange for 12 homes, a 7-bay, self-serve car wash and a 250,000 dollar Deed of Trust. I then later purchased a 4-bay, self-serve car wash and a duplex. I sold all of the homes and the 4-bay car wash.  
In 1996, I sold the 7-bay car wash and facilitated the acquisition of a 7,000 SF General Store and a 150-space RV Park in Wintersburg, AZ. I acquired by plottage and assemblage, a 3,600 SF Bar and Restaurant and 52 acres of raw land, which added to the aforementioned real estate. I then owned the town of Wintersburg, including its major arterial.
I then purchased a Bed and Breakfast in Payson, AZ. In 2000, I sold all my properties and, in 2001, became a licensed REALTOR after moving to Payson, AZ.
My experience in real estate, is wide and varied, ranging from the corporate level, to commercial, residential, and property management.
I can relate with a constructive discussion on many levels, and on many facets of the real estate business, including, but not limited to, financing.
Call me! I will treat you right and with integrity. I have the experience you can count on.

Pennie Robinson

Owner Manager


Susan Slenk


I obtained my Real Estate License just
before moving to Payson in 1999. In 2007
I went to school in Sedona and earned my
Real Estate Broker license. Prior to that my
family and I lived in Tucson and enjoyed a full time management career in Dental Offices.

Since moving to Payson, I have done Real Estate Sales, and active Grand-parenting! Truly living and loving Payson in beautiful Central Arizona Mountains!

Designated Broker